Social Media's Influence On The World

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Social Media has had a big influence on the world since it first made an appearance. It helps open doors that people never knew were there. It can signify trends and create and conceal content, help you feel less alone and more confidence in yourself you’ve never shown before, and it can help find people in a crisis with a bi-directional flow of information. Social media is an amazing tool preferred by many because it is easy to use, it allows people to share their experiences, and in emergency situations, it can help responders communicate with the public and among themselves. Social media is often free and it is fairly easy to use. First, it can create trends among people which creates more interaction and you create and consume…show more content…
Many say that social media puts lesser values on the person’s real life, but, Stephen Coleman states that people can feel a sense of empowerment when sharing their experiences with others.(Coleman). A wide variety of people have found comfort in sharing their personal experiences with unidentified people via social media. People argue that social media restrains people from experiencing the real world has to offer but this is contradictory to Mary Docherty. She states that people who share their experiences on social media tend to feel less alone and get to know others by hearing their experiences (Docherty). Many people, especially younger people, tend to be more open to people they don’t know because they are more trusting to them. They feel like someone they do not know will understand them and be more supportive. A lot of people say that people on social are untrustable and tend to hide their true identities but instead of agreeing with this statement, Rohan Borschmann is against it. He says that people often feel more confident in showing a part of themselves that they might not have shown before by sharing their experiences with ones they do not know(Borschmann). Many people around the world have insecurities that they don’t like sharing in person, rather via social media. Social media can create a side of people others have never seen and it can help someone cope with their problems and help feel more confident with their
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