Social Mobility During The Middle Ages

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The renaissance was a time period of renewal for Europe that resulted in the elaborate culture filled with detailed art t that we know today. However this was not a spontaneous spurt of creation, it was a result of the plague. The plague was a contagious disease that resulted in the death of many people. Moreover this created jobs opening to different people despite their profession because of the decrease in workers. This social mobility that was created was very different from the prior social emphasis on hierarchy that had little mobility during the middle ages. This middle culture also included a strong focus on religion, which was shown through the religious art that was created, and the reliance on the church for religious and political guidance.…show more content…
The structure of the middle ages made the time of the plague difficult for Europeans because the church abandoned in fright of their own health, which left the people with little guidance. As the Europeans began to seek for stability they began to separate themselves from the church by not only making life about religion but about secular
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