Social Mobility In Nigeria Essay

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A main difference between medieval England and Continental Europe, then, was the emergence of the independent yeoman class. The social mobility that the yeoman peasant traditionally enjoyed continued on into Georgian society. So did that of the gentry. Out in the country inns of the shires, gentleman farmers conversed openly with richer labouring yeomen. By contrast with today's UK, however, a social climber in Georgian England achieved his position by productivity, hard work and ability. He was not selected as a passive recipient of politically engineered quota-systems and affirmative action programmes. Therefore, since the basis of social advancement was economic and not political, the country grew rich. The evident truth of this basic economic relationship is one reason why the amount of social mobility in Georgian society is so seldom acknowledged in history books that are written today by campus liberals. Below are four biographical accounts which illustrate something of the fluidity of two representative institutions of Georgian times: Scientific Learning and the Royal Navy. Captain Cook was the son of a farmhand (the supposedly "exploited"…show more content…
The Georgian Navy achieved pre-eminent military success against every European foe. This would be an unlikely consequence of any pervasive ill-treatment of lower ranks. Certainly, life at sea was harsh. The Royal Navy sometimes employed press gangs to force civilians into service. Corporal punishment, in the form of floggings, was permitted at sea. And mutinies did occur. Principal among these were at Spithead, Nore and on board H.M.S. Bounty. Such mutinies were minor, though, in contrast to those of the later Russian Revolution. Jack Tar, the seaman of Nelson's fleet, fought well for his officers, king and country. This would not have been the case if he were dissatisfied with his portion in his 'social contract' with his
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