Danielle Steel Character Analysis

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What is social acceptance? Why getting socially accepted does matters so much? Rejection and acceptance are central to our lives, we tend to adjust ourselves in the society no matter it is by our own will or by force. Being socially adequate is a major thing these days. It appears that this has dependably been the situation on the grounds that fitting in with the right individuals has been an essential piece of life for a long time. In a period when appearances and classes held such a great amount of influence, to be socially unsuitable was an unpleasant thing to be. It is not just that one wants to be loved, we need to be loved. This aspect of the human nature is a vestige of our primal legacy, hardwired into our brains. There are a few individuals…show more content…
A pudgy young lady with fair hair, blue eyes, and conventional looks, Victoria Dawson has dependably gotten a handle on of spot in her family, particularly in body-cognizant L.A. Her dad, Jim, is tall and thin, and her mom, Christina, is a fine-boned, dim haired magnificence. Both are egotistical, straightforward, and baffled by their little girl's looks. At the point when Victoria is six, she sees a photo of Ruler Victoria, and her dad has constantly said she looks simply like her. After the conception of Victoria's ideal more youthful sister, Gracie, her dad got a kick out of the chance to allude to his firstborn as "our tester cake." With Gracie, everybody concurred that Jim and Christina hit the nail on the head.

While her guardians and sister can eat anything and not pick up an ounce, Victoria must watch all that she eats, and also bear her dad's putting down remarks about her body and see her scholastic accomplishments go unacknowledged. Dessert and larger than usual helpings of all the wrong sustenance’s give her solace, however just quickly. The one thing she knows is that she needs to make tracks in an opposite direction from home, and after school in Chicago, she moves to New York
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These are some of the lines which can tear a person apart. For reasons unknown, we all like to be preferred. No disclosure there. It's the means by which we're wired. We despise it when individuals don't care for us – even individuals we don't generally know. A few of us will do very nearly anything to be preferred. We want to if you don't mind even to the detriment of our own joy, qualities, convictions and gauges. We trade off ourselves a hundred ways and turn ourselves back to front attempting to make others like us, however in that endorsement looking for procedure we frequently overlook who we are and end up being detested by the one individual whose conclusion ought to matter the most. Life isn’t fair and even though we may very well be a best kind of human being, people will still find a reason to hate you no matter what you do or how good you are. Probabilities are it’s more about their concern than anything you have or haven’t done. There are people who don’t like me who have never actually met me or had a conversation with me. That’s fine with me. I won’t invest emotional energy into things I can’t change. You should endeavor to be the best of yourself, you can be the best but still you will generate critics and people who find reason to dislike you, but that’s okay. The only person you can change is you yourself, so you should focus on improving, educating and developing
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