Social Class And Electoral Behavior Essay

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Social class and electoral behavior


the electoral behavior , in other words can be known as voting , which is a word defined by the Merriam-webster dictionary as “ an expression of opinion or preference” . Considering everything about the one’s country are decided by elections , thus that shows how voting and participating in the elections is very important and that’s why the electoral behavior is a critical issue that has been studies over decades along with studying the factors and the attributes that do affect it . And one major factor here is the socioeconomic status

Literature review

socioeconomic status is various levels through which we can differentiate between society members and that’s through different contributes like household income, education , economic and social position , and the socioeconomic status has a direct relationship with voting registration and turnout . For example : Individuals of a lower socioeconomic status tend to vote
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They attribute this dealignment to a number of underlying social changes: changes in the occupational structure, the decline in the size of the manual working class, social mobility, and growth of cross-class families—all of which are said to undermine the socio-economic cohesiveness of class. As a result of class fragmentation, issues have become a more important influence on how electors vote, and voters evaluate the political parties as self-interested individuals rather than on a collective or class basis. ((voting

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