Social Network And Education: The Importance Of Social Media In Education

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To understand social network in education first we have to know about that what social networking itself is? That application which has the potential to increase inner interaction among individuals through creating and sharing. ( Joosen 2012) In general words, we can also say that it is that platform where people of different culture, different languages, different thinking, different taste and people of different place can interact with each other. OR It is a table where people sit to communicate with those people who are similar to them in different ways.A social network is the best way of communication, giving suggestion and participating in social activities anywhere and anytime. Social media is a group that is based…show more content…
A social network is widely used in higher education.Social network is inspiring education because people are taking much interest in it. According to survey,59% of students talk about education-related topics through social networks, but out of that 50% with regarding homework specifically, it is used to submit assignments, making study groups and sharing materials etc. Social media in education provides students the ability to get more useful information, to connect learning groups and educational system to make education more convenient. Social network tools afford students and institutions with multiple opportunities to improve learning like a teacher can create a class and engage his students in work without his existence. Social networks connect students with the export on topic which they wanted to talk about.Social network is also a medium where students can establish beneficial connections of their careers. Social networking connects you on topics with exports, you can learn and gain more useful content from them that empowers you to produce great…show more content…
These channels can be used to communicate campus news, make announcements and provide students useful information.This helps in tackle many student issues.Through group interactions , institutions can share supportive and positive posts that reach all students who are connected to networks and pages. You can create hashtags and can engage students in some activity. online social networks include much more than facebook and twitter. It is an online use of technology to connect people, enable them to collaborate with each other, and virtual communication, says the young adult library services association. Social build web content and live chats etc. according to 2010 pew study said that it has become an integral part of the world beyond k12 schools. Survey research confirms that interest in harnessing social networking for educational purposes is high.As reported in schools principals and social networking in education in education: practices, policies and realities in 2010, a national survey of 1200 principals, teachers and libraries found that most agreed that social networking sites can help educators share information and resources, create professional learning communities and improve school-wide communication with students and staff. Those who had used social networks were more positive about potential benefits than those who had not

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