Social Networking Advantages And Cons

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TWO BENEFİTS OF SOCİAL NETWORKİNG SİTES A social networking site can be defined as a platform where a group of people come together easily and share their thoughts about daily topics.For the last few years,everybody has been using social networking sites.People who uses social networking sites can be seen while walking down the street or sitting in the cafe , anywhere. Why social networking sites are so popular these days? The main reason stays in the benefits of the social networking sites. There are two benefits of social networking sites. The first main benefit of social networking sites is that social networking sites are a broad platform where people can express themselves in an easier way.To start with,people using social networking sites can communicate with each other easily.It is a significant point because thanks to social networking sites,they can find old friends or colleagues.For instance,people having a Facebook account can look for old friends and after adding them they may talk about the old days and have a good time after then they can even find the childhood love from the Facebook and marry them.In addition to that,via social networking sites,people can get in touch with many celebrities they always want to meet.This is so exciting for devotees of famous people and by using Twitter or Instagram they can follow celebrities and see a small part of their life.Secondly,with the development of social networking

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