Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking Websites

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Introduction No doubt that social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , English,baby! and many others have their deep influences on children. These websites have their positive and negative impacts on children all over the world. Some of the pros of these websites for children are detailed in the following lines. They encourage creativity. Children who use social networking websites are more creative than others who do not use them. In addition, social websites provide communication channels and so children will be able to share and exchange their knowledge. As a result, their minds are broadened and they have positive attitudes towards life. The most related advantage for us as students of computer sciences is that the use of social networks assists the development of children 's technical skills and practical understanding…show more content…
However, the purpose of our project does not focus on the advantages of social networks on children. Overuse of these websites have its consequences on children. It is very bad for their health and sane mind development. On the other hand, the addiction of social networking websites is a waste of time. Children who are addicted to such websites spend most of their time in front of their computers and tablets. As a result, they do not do their schools ' assignments and consequently, they achieve less at schools. Another bad effect of social networking websites on children is that it affects children 's abilities to develop personal relationships. Most of these children are shy and they do not feel comfortable in social situations where there are lots of people. The reason why this project is proposed is to show the negative impacts of social networking websites on children. The purpose is to reveal the bad impacts on children and to find out the possible solutions to minimize

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