Social Networking: How Social Media Got Our Mind?

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Social media is the trend that the social order is relying on communication. The shift in the communication means from the old times physical and sign communication methods to the current virtual communication mode has led to the lack of face to face interactions. How social media got our mind? Is it beneficial to use the social network? One of the most controversial issues, today, relates to the social network. In this century, each person has his or her smartphone. The increasing use of smartphones is enhanced by the social network since these are devices that teens use, and now it is targeting the whole society around us. It fills the leisure times in every person’s life and especially Twitter. There are various things that Twitter ensures that the community is now better connected. Social media makes people communicate easily and be updated with the latest news bits. Indeed, the social media platforms, in particular, twitter ensure that people in the society can communicate easily and be up to date with the current affairs.

First, Twitter needs a remote connection to the Internet and a gadget supporting the application for a person to communicate by the platform. As compared to previous means of communication like sending telegrams, advertising on the various media, or making phone calls, Twitter requires an individual to have a smartphone and connect to the internet for them to send a message (Twitip, n.d). For this reason, it is relatively cheaper for a business

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