Social Networking: Influence And Cons Of Social Media

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As everyone knows, Technology at the moment is one of the most important and accredited things used by people in all respects. It helps us a lot in our lives. Day after day our dependence on technology is increasing significantly, whether through communication, transportation, search for any information or even entertainment. Focusing on communication, it is found around us in all quarters. It is also the sharing of people’s feeling or ideas from one person to another. In the past, it was hard to communicate. People used the birds to transfer news and massages, but nowadays, technology is developing in many ways. Today, most people communicate with each other using mobile phone. In 2013, “Six of the world 's seven billion people have mobile phones” according to a U.N. Report [1]. Recently, there has been an evolution to become what are called social networking technology that people can interact with others at any time wherever they are. There are many different social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and instagram. Some people argue that social networking is making us antisocial and disconnected from others. But, there is the view that the social networking technology has a lot of benefits. However, research has shown that social media is making us more antisocial. This essay will look at the evidence regarding this issue.

The main problem that goes around us, and everybody knows it that social media is making us disconnected, from two different

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