Social Networking: Not Good For Middle School Students

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According to, 31% of teenagers say using social networking while doing homework can be a huge distraction to their studies. Social networking is online chatting and internet entertainment for users to interact with others. Some examples of social networking is Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram is an app that allows people around the world to interact with others and see what people post. Snapchat is an app that features different filters for users to take photos with and they’re able to send it to their friends. Social networking is not good for middle school students because students have lower grades, it facilitates cyberbullying, and it spreads unreliable and false information. First of all, social networking is not good for middle school students because some students get distracted by it and as a result, get lower grades. A study has shown that 500 teachers took a poll and they believe that students spend more and more time on social networking. One said “Children are becoming obsessed with social media.” Furthermore, a study by professor Paul Kirschner said students try to multitask between their phone and homework and…show more content…
Social networking also provokes cyberbullying and it spreads false information. Students go on social media too much and it results in them getting lower grades. They tend to not be focused on the task at hand and end up not getting their homework or whatever they’re working on completed. Also, some users bully others online and it affects the victim's life severely. Commenting something inappropriate could spread to many people's lives and could hurt lives in ways that people don’t know. Lastly, when a false notification goes around social media, it makes users believe the news and spreads all around social media and with that, the world. Social networking is not good for middle school
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