Social Networking Satire

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Social “Networking” Social networking. Sites like Facebook, twitter and Snapchat claim that by a “social network” they connect people wherever they are, but in reality, I think that it is more like a spider net, where while connected, people are glued to the “net”, chatting through it, and if they are not cautious, they slowly get consumed by it. Facebook’s “Login” page shows a picture of several people connect to other people throughout the globe, symbolizing the ease at which people can connect to each other - as long they know each other’s language - almost seamlessly. But this chatting does come with a downside though; as more and more people –particularly youths – become stiff, glassy-eyed “zombies” who only interact through minute movements of their fingers. This in turn results into limited communication between people “in person” as they are used to talking “through a screen”. As for myself, through Facebook and twitter, I discovered new people, new friends and strengthened bonds with many existing friends, and I’m extremely grateful for that. But other people don’t use it for what it is supposed to do, and are obsessed to getting as many friends as possible, and out of the 1.15 billion active Facebook users, they have lots of variety… If you’re on a computer on Facebook, on the right side, you can…show more content…
(It is worth stating that not all cases of cyber bulling are reported). Recently, the trailer of a horror film, named “Unfriended”, which tells the story of a victim of cyber bullying, who committed suicide, and went to haunt them one year later on Skype. It is way of showing the damage of cyber bullying, but in a terrifying way. The day after it was released, many people posted pictures of them deleting Facebook, Twitter, and Skype and throwing their mixers in the bin, so I think it did its
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