Social Norm Research Paper

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Throughout most of society, people feel the necessity to be accepted. Acceptance tends to be scarce and sporadic in the day to day world. Commonly in today’s age, people base themselves on expectations of others to obtain their approval. People struggle to acquire this acceptance in order to discover their social identity and determine where they sit on the “food chain.” The desire for acceptance induces people to alter themselves to fit in, the superior to profit from the inferior, and people to lose their true identity. Most people attempt to fit into society by altering themselves. This same majority tends to fall into the common cultural bribe. The cultural bribe is when a person changes what he/she does, says, buys, etc. in order to appear…show more content…
The presented image tends to display the updated fashion that society should buy and dress like. It is misconceived that oneself will be more acceptable and likeable if they are fashionable and appealing. Many girls wear excessive amounts of makeup via this same belief, the belief that they will be rejected or disregarded if they fail to fulfill this precedent. With this precedent, social media has sculpted the “ideal body” that people should strive for. On top of being fashionable and attractive, the ideal body is commonly fit and in shape. The social norm has become: “it is more attractive to be fit and slim.” In attempt to obtain this attractiveness, people strain to lose extra weight or to shed that extra pound. However, most of these enthusiasts fail simply because the ideal body is unrealistic and entirely far-fetched for the large majority. Essentially, the perfect body is unattainable. This is because every individual is conceived with a certain body type and metabolism speed. Due to the impossibility to change one’s body type, many people fail when striving for the perfect body. Yet another popular decision people make is taking

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