Social Norms In Antigone

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In Antigone by Sophocles, societal norms play a big factor because the main character, Antigone, did something quite different. The standards of Greek civilizations also show a twist in which how the king makes his rules. Even though people should obey the king’s orders, the gods rule is the safest way to go. Antigone plays a big factor in how things are done during the Greek times because women are a minority, there is a difference between the rules between the gods and the king’s, and the king should have a good relationship with his family.
Woman's role in Greek society is to stay quiet and always stay at home. They cannot work or speak up for themselves because they are seen inferior to men. Usually, “the role of women in society; they
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Of course, there is a point in the children’s life that will not agree with their parents but not according to his work as a king because it is a duty he must keep. Creon’s son, Haemon, rebelled because of the punishment Creon gave to Antigone. Antigone was supposed to be his future wife but that was not the reason he defended her. He stands up to his father because he felt like what he was doing was too harsh. At first, Haemon sided with his father about Antigone’s punishment and Creon said, “that’s what a man prays for: to produce good sons” (Sophocles 716) but Haemon did not side with him after all. Even the people knew “this boy, I do believe, is fighting on her side, the woman’s side” (828-829). In this argument, Haemon agreed with the people. Antigone should not be killed but his father did not understand until he and his mother killed themselves. Having such a disagreement with the king and son is not seen as much in the Greek times. Haemon took his rebellion into another level and so did Eurydice. This shows that social norms are also changing. Not every family is the same. People have their differences and that can lead to
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