Social Norms In My Family

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The way my aunt Diane and my uncle John met was like a scene taken out from a movie. During the era of drive in movie theaters, in 1979, my aunt was stood up by her date and my uncle stepped in to take his place. She was 14 and he was 16 and the moment they met somehow defined the rest of their lives. In 2017, I’m the age of 19 and I’ve never been to a drive in movie theater—not even the one a couple miles from Cal Poly. I couldn’t imagine meeting a potential significant other in such an atmosphere but the social norms exhibited in my family’s relationships are a lot different from the norms of me and other millennials today. From the beginning of time and just until recently, it was typical to marry and to start families young. My aunt and uncle were married two years after dating. They got married because…show more content…
But they started their lives young and their marriage ended pretty quickly as well. My mom on the other hand was notoriously avoiding marriage despite having children. She had my older sister at 24 and never spoke to the guy again. She had me at 27, with a different man than my sister, and never spoke to that guy again either. She had my little sister at 31, only after dating my step-father for some odd months and becoming engaged. They were engaged for seven years before they got married. And they’re marriage ended pretty quickly as well. According to a lot of baby boomers and beyond, millennials don’t date. We hook up. But we hook up to have fun. Sex is enjoyable to most of us and we do it because it’s become somewhat of a necessity. Ask any 18-24-year-old how long they can go without sex, without watching porn or without
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