Essay On Social Norms

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Social Norms

Society is full of social norms that people tend to obey, especially while in the public, judgemental eye. Dressing appropriately, using an “indoor voice” while indoors, and keeping out of other’s personal space are just some of the several norms that people in the United States nonconsciously follow. If someone were to violate these unspoken rules of society, there is usually backlash or disapproval to the violated norm. While in public, there is usually music that is being played. Take a mall for example. In every store you go into, there is a different song that is geared towards the majority of the customers. These songs, even if you know every word to them forwards or backwards, are reserved to be sung while you’re in the
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There, it is expected to provide extraordinary service without the expectation of receiving a tip in exchange. Several interpret leaving a tip as an insult instead of a courtesy or a compliment. Because leaving gratuity is not a custom there, leaving money on the table may be taken wrong. The waiter or waitress may see a tip as meaning that they are viewed as if they need extra money, not because of their attentive service. ( ) In the majority of cases, if someone were to leave a tip, it would be returned, or at least begrudgingly accepted out of politeness.
Unlike the customs in Japan, if someone were to leave a restaurant without leaving a tip on the table or on the card, it would be a violation of a state and a national norm. This social norm is largely enforced in the United States, especially in high-end restaurants or when a large group dines in. Some restaurants display a sign when entering the restaurant that tells the percent that is required to be tipped when dining with a party over a certain number. Other restaurants even have a gratuity included when providing customers with their

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