Social Norms Of The Human Body

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People are social beings, they cooperate and interact with one another for various purposes. They live a communal life so there are common norms that every member of the commune is expected to obey, digest and include in his life. These norms are not absolute, they change by time just like the structure of the commune change. In today’s world, as a result of the globalization, some of the social norms acquired the trait of being international. These international norms are about the themes that are common among all people, such as our body. There are social norms about the human body that affect people’s perception of their body. The example of a norm about human body is, a person who smells bad has poor personal traits. Because of this norm, people do not want other people to think that they have bad traits so they wear perfumes. Therefore, their perception of their body is altered by the norm that is, they believe human body is supposed to smell neutral or nice. These norms declare some aspects of human body as socially unacceptable and the social beings people are, they obey to these declarations so that they are accepted in the society. The norms are achieving to change the perceptions of people about their bodies because of various reasons such as sexual selection, effort to be accepted in the community which is further related to our instinct of survival. The statues of the Ancient Greece provide a good example of how social norms affect people’s perception of their

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