Social Injustice In Africa

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Resistance means “refusal to accept something new or different” or it means “effort made to stop or to fight against someone or something” (Merriam-Webster). Social injustice is one of the most serious maladies that each country, whatever it is, is not clear of. It can be observed through the inequality among citizens living within the zone of the same community. A class society is an obvious example that can be the practical part of such concept. Social injustice is a very big term that comprises: political impression, racism, corruption,… and so on. Such diseases are too devastating to destroy and vanish the whole country. Occupation is one of the major reasons for oppression and social corruption; especially in Africa. It is one of the…show more content…
Resistance is the solution. Throughout applying the above mentioned concept of racism to some African countries, like South Africa and Nigeria, it becomes totally apparent that imperialists use this instrument in a very brilliant manner to separate between the individuals of the same country. They make their ideas, the ruling ones, they make the oppressed citizens study what they, the white people, want. Those white imperialists do their best to terminate the fundamental identities of those black peoples. Those native citizens become the victims of the white people. Furthermore, political corruption is the most serious issue that will be the seed of this research. It is the prime problem confronting many states like Nigeria. Political corruption can be described as the epidemical diseases that affects the whole country in a very pernicious manner. It leads nowhere but to poverty, oppression and injustice. It is taken for granted the more democratic the country is, the less corrupt the political regime will be. In other words, it is noticeable that democratic governments suffer less corruption than dictatorial regimes. People believe that the political corruption is the misusage of wealth and power for the sake of one class or one person or one group over the others. This is deemed to be a new dimension of social
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