Social Outing Case Study

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The superficial burn on Harold’s genitals will cause him a great deal of pain, this pain may prevent Harold from mobilising as he was prior to receiving the burns. Harold also has superficial and full thickness burns to his right leg will add to Harold’s restricted mobilising. Also as Harold requires daily dressings to his wounds this will cause a great deal of pain for Harold and this may leave Harold feeling reluctant to mobilise. Having restricted mobility will impact on Harold as he also looks after his wife who has early signs of Alzheimer’s, perform chores around the house, personal care and the ability to look after his block of land. Incontinence may also become an issue for Harold being an older gentleman if Harold is unable to reach the toilet in a timely he may experience incontinence.…show more content…
The Enrolled Nurse working with the Registered Nurse may coordinate a family case conference, with the aim of encouraging the family to assist Harold. The case conference would discuss Harold’s condition and the impact on daily life, treatment that Harold will be receiving and how the family may be able to assist Harold with his mobility through encouragement and providing social support for Harold. The social support may include the family offering to do the shopping, paying bills and taking the Smith’s out for a social outing such as lunch or

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