Social Perception In Presidential Elections

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Social pyschology encompases the ideas of social interaction between people and how that affects an individual. Scientific methods are used to understand and explain how the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of individuals are influenced by our social environment around us. Social perception and interaction are vital to touch on when speaking about social psychology. Social perception focuses on how people form impressions and make inferences about other people while social interaction is the exchange of words between a group of people.If we connect this with our presidential election, we clearly see how the media positively and negatively affected the supporters and Clinton/Keane. The media affects the public 's opinion and shares…show more content…
The media has portrayed Trump to be a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigot. And Hilary has a corrupt women who would ultimately would be the best of two evils. With no type of qualifications to run our country. Various sexual assault charges, and racial discrimination, Trump was stamped as the poster man for what American doesn 't need to prosper. The media exposing example after example as to why no good can come from him as president and isn 't concerned with change only concerned with power. Which flued the fire within Hillary 's supporters, deeming she would be the ideal president that this country needs. Clinton was posted as the women of the to beat. She had the most qualifications to run our country and take in account that she believed in change. She fought for equality with people of all different ethnicities and sexual orientations. And now with her recent loss Hillary supporters are up roaring with pain for what 's to come. Clintons supporters worlds have come to a halt and have forced them to become angry for the election of Trump into presidency. Supporters have begun to protest as they feel this election was rigged. How is it that, even after how the media has portrayed Trump people still feel he is a better fit to run this country over hillary Clinton. Supporters are insisting that a recount should be in order. They 're in awe that as Americans we feel Trump is going to help us prosper. Clinton supporters are determined to push her into office because they feel she earned to be there. But that shows how the media influences people. Even despite Trumps negative behavior his fame and fortune has persuaded people into believing he is what America needs. And that Hilary 's humanitarian acts although are nice, she isn 't what is going to “Make America Great Again”
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