Social Perspective In Persepolis

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Perspective influences how people view other people of different ethnicities and cultures. In the book Persepolis,by Marjane Satrapi, Marjane shares what she experienced growing up in Iran during the 80’s, and how it affected her perspective. Marjane’s childhood experiences had a huge impact on her perspective through religion, social/political awareness, and revolution. The photograph to the left shows a women wearing a veil in public. Furthermore, the veil that she is wearing is a representation of the Islamic religion. In the Islamic regime women were forced to wear veils in order to fulfill the law. In the book Marjane was forced to wear the veil at her school. When she was only 10 years oldher perspective on religion wasn 't too great,…show more content…
Her grandfather, Mohammed Mossadeq, was the prime minister of Iran and nationalised the oil industry, because of this Marjane grew up in a rich and wealthy class. Therefore, when she was only ten years old her perspective on other classes where pretty vague. Growing up Marjane’s mom hired a maid that belonged to the lower class. Marjane treated her like her older sister and grew up with her not knowing she belonged in one of the lowest classes. One day Marjane helped the maid write a love letter to their neighbor whom she loved, the nabor rejected her because he figured out she was a maid and did not accept her because of her class. In the text Marjane says“But is it her fault that she was born where she was born???” “Dad are you for or against social classes?’’ Marjane was too young to realize that in her country they must stay in their own social classes when it comes to things like that. Her dad had to explain to her why the maid cannot do things like that. Marjane’s dad says “ Because in this country you must stay within your own social classes.’’Another theme of this story is Revolution. You can see in the picture people raising their fist in demand for change and revolution. Throughout the book a revolution is evolving during Marjane’s experience in Iran, the people were not happy with the current ruler, the Shah, and they wanted change. Marjane has seen a lot happen resulting from the revolution, from peaceful protest to death which marjane
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