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Probably you as a student in your high school life had a classmate who is extremely quiet and did not make any attempt to interact with other students, or maybe you experienced it yourself. When you experienced that or saw a person experiencing that you thought that it was because of natural shyness. Have you ever thought that there were more important reasons for that? Psychologists closely studied these kinds of people and came up with the conclusion that they have a social anxiety (also known as social phobia). The idea of social anxiety was developed in early 20th century. This term was used to refer to extremely shy patients. So what is social phobia? Social Phobia is “a mental disorder…show more content…
There is a difference between shyness and social anxiety. Shyness is a natural feeling that all of us have, social anxiety is a disorder that has a great negative influence in people’s lives that has to be treated with the help of specialists. Both male and female face the social anxiety equally. Social Anxiety Institute is the institution that helps people to deal with social anxiety. Thomas Richard one of the specialist that makes various researches about social anxiety said that not every person suffering from social phobia is certainly shy. They have worked with many people who were extroverted. Richard (2017) also said, “Social anxiety held them back and restricted them from doing what they wanted to do in life. When they overcame social anxiety, they found that they enjoyed being the center of attention and the life of the party”. Through this reading we can understand that social phobic people are afraid of interacting with people, making conversation or even being in the public places, the reason of it is not their natural shyness, but the fear that they have and after overcoming that fear they will be able to overcome the anxiety. Ultimately they will be able to live the like…show more content…
1) facial freezing, 2. Blood pressure rising, 3. Fast, racing Heartbeat, 4. Facial tics/neck, mouth, 5. Muscle tension, 6. Hands shake, 7. Weak, shaking voice, 8. swallowing/ lump in throat, 9. Excessive sweating. 10. Blushing (face turns red). In addition to the physical symptoms of social anxiety people can face difficulty and feel bad about themselves in the situations like: being introduced to other people, being teased or criticized, being the center of attention, being watched while doing something, meeting important people,Interpersonal relationships, whether friendships or

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