Social Policy Problems

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Social policy problem are problems that makes the life of a citizen unsafe, unhealthy and preventing them from meeting their social needs. A good example is a healthcare system that does not cater for the poor. It can be very expensive hence excluding the very poor from accessing it. According to Yeates (2014), health is the fundamental rights of every human being. Local health problems can easily spread around the globe to become global health problems. This calls for the need of an inclusive healthcare system from a local to a global perspective.(Yeates, 2014, p. 159) Healthcare as a social policy problem in Cameroon has largely been affected by the absence of inclusive national insurance policy for all. This means financial burden, in…show more content…
This brings great inequality in accessing healthcare because the poorer you are, the more desperate you will be to buy medication from less secure sources. These kinds of medication are very dangerous. It is not safe and can harm the user. A good financial plan like a safety net supported by the government would help combat this disparity so that drugs can be bought from the right sources and spared the poorer citizens from falling deeper into poverty because of unforeseen medical…show more content…
A good example can be seen from the Cameroon health sector support investment project sponsored (SWAP) by the World Bank where performance-based financial approach (PBFA) is used to promote healthcare by given financial support to health care centers to provide better services to its users.(world forum, 2015). Basically, health centers are funded so they can provide better healthcare to their underprivileged and vulnerable users. The rampant corruption in Cameroon has greatly affected this approach because power is still left in the hands of the healthcare provider, instead of the user. Thus the user is still charged a fee to access healthcare services. The government does not do regular controls on these healthcare centers to actually see if they provide healthcare to the needy as specified by the

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