Cause And Effect Essay On Teen Moms

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To teen moms, social prejudice over them may be something they want to avoid. It is a harsh barrier that they face when they get pregnant. Teen moms speak out that it’s hard to face social prejudices. Some exclaim that social blames and prejudices against them are inappropriate. They say that they can still do their works well. However, I think whether it was random or not, teen pregnancy is an action that is irresponsible to be done at teenage. Teen pregnancy is a happening rather be avoided, not recommended for many reasons. Cold eyes on them are natural consequence. Then, what are the issues of teen pregnancy that makes people to show cold shoulders to teen moms? Teenagers are becoming more open to sexual behaviors. Teen dating and displaying affections to each other in public are very…show more content…
The ‘readiness’ can be interpreted in various ways by individuals, but I mean that if the pregnancy was intended with partner. Actually, most teenagers are aware of pregnancy at their age not advisable. In the statistic research paper, 67.1% of teen moms in investigation revealed that their pregnancy wasn’t an expected and wanted result. They said they had suffered from extreme mental stress after pregnancy. From this, we can know that teenage pregnancy is mostly accidental result. Indeed, the problem isn’t about ‘being a teen mom’, but whether they were ‘prepared’ to become a mother. Lack of financial ability is also in line with this. Raising babies requires maturity and responsibility of parents. Pregnancy is something that should be celebrated by hearts when parents of baby are psychologically ready. When people get pregnant with sufficient preparation, it should be done after taking time to establish family plans and life plans. Most teen moms are becoming mothers without preparation, and the action of ignoring the likelihood of getting pregnant when having sexual intercourse deserves criticism, at least in

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