Social Pressure On Girl Essay

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Is There a Social Pressure on Females to look beautiful?
Societies today always push on females to get the perfect look in peoples’ eyes without caring about females’ feelings. Unfortunately, societies care about the look instead of the personality. People do not understand the differences between females, and they think they all have to be pretty. This huge pressure can make females unconfident, sad, uncomfortable and it can make them hurt or hate themselves for who they are. Many people think that there is no pressure on females, and they think that it is not a serious problem. However, in most of the societies, there is a huge pressure on females to look extremely beautiful because of the beauty levels that people put and the problems that so many females face. Proponents claim that the beauty levels that the society puts force females to do anything to look perfect. Being thin and so skinny, having a pretty face and using a lot makeup is what the society wants from females. Unfortunately, the society does not understand that each female has her own beauty, so they force females to do things that make them beautiful in every society’s eyes. According to “How
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It may be true that every girl is pleased, but no completely pleased with her appearance, and the societies still believe that the standards that they put are the best. If girls were truly pleased with their beauty, they would not have plastic surgeries, and they would never wished to be skinny. In the US, 42% of third- grade girls want to be skinnier, and 37% of those girls are on a diet, “Morgan, 2012”. Also, most of the girls in the world are mainly interested in all things that are related to beauty. In the UK, women spent 8,303,724 pounds in December 2012 and they spent 8,438,415 pounds for beauty markets such as makeup, hair and skin care, and fragrances, “Aidin,

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