How Does Alcohol Affect Society

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INTRODUCTION: Many individuals forget that alcohol is a drug when asked to name drug-related problems, we tend to think of illegal drugs such as heroin, marijuana, meth etc. Alcohol abuse is one of the many problems of drug abuse in the United States. It is not just a personal problem but it is also a social problem that affects society. BODY P1: BEEN THROUGH HISTORY The use of alcohol has been present approximately in the late stone age until today. Alcohol has been provided a variety of functions for people throughout all history. Alcohol has played an important role in religion and worship. It also plays an important role in enhancing the enjoyment of life: social, relaxation, pleasure etc. “Oral tradition recorded in the Old…show more content…
For our brain, to function, it relies on a balance of chemicals and processes. Which alcohol can disrupt the balance. After a few drinks alcohol starts to depress the part of the bain we associate with inhibition. Drinking more and more the whole brains starts to be affected. When the high of levels kick in of alcohol it is possible of negative emotional response will take over. When the brain adapts to alcohol presence, a heavy drinker responds to alcohol differently than someone who drinks moderately. An individual can become tolerant to the effects of the alcohol. As tolerance increases, drinking can escalate where the person needs more alcohol than before to become intoxicated. The effect of alcohol on that brain causes difficulty walking, blurred vision, slow reaction time etc. A surveyed of 772 college undergraduates have experienced blackouts, 51 percent reported blacking out at some point (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2004c). The students also reported that they have had participated in a range of events that they could not remember, using driving, unprotected sex, vandalism
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