Social Problems By Anna Leon-Guerrero: Summary

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In Social Problems, Anna Leon-Guerrero (2016) she states, “… The functional perspective, examines the functions or consequences of the structure of society. Functionalist use a macro perspective, focusing on how society maintains social order” (13). Society has created expectations on what is viewed as acceptable or unacceptable behavior and this can include criminal behavior. This is any deviation from the social norms that are agreed by the majority of the community and the violation of any existing laws that is passed by legislation. For an example, a single parent losses’ his or her job and are worried whether the rent is covered with his or her last paycheck or whether they will qualify for food stamps. However, in the book, Criminology the authors have stated, “…Strain theory states that social structures within society may pressure citizens to commit crime” (Adler, G.M., & Laufer W, 2010, p.105). With the increasing stress, the child needs diapers and the parent has no money and enters Walmart, decides to steal a box of diapers, and is caught in the parking lot. The conflict theorist…show more content…
In addition, homelessness can hit any of the demographics: social class, age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and culture. No one is exempt from this. In some cases, it can happen to anyone without any warnings. An example, is a person born with autism and bipolar disorder, but later in life experience alienation from his or hers immediate family. They have a hard time accepting them with a disability and the person has no place to go and ends up homeless. There are many other reasons why people become homeless and people need to take the time to understand them and the reasons why. People should not treat people different because someone else may have a mental illness or a disability. These kinds of people are labeled are the mentally ill and other labels are attached to them also like calling someone a homeless
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