Social Problems During The Progressive Era Essay

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During the progressive era our country faced many problems. The rise of substantial businesses caused industrial problems. Women suffrage, alcohol, child labor, and safety issues caused social problems. The necessitation of citizens in government decisions also caused political problems. Progressives were people who wanted to solve all of these quandaries. Industries began to grow bigger and bigger which fabricated many problems. The formation of monopolies and mergers increased as industries expanded. Eventually, social darwinism came about from the rise and fall of healthy and failing companies, also known as “survival of the fittest”. Teddy Roosevelt wanted to help solve these problems. By doing so, he expanded the role of the government in regulating the economy and gave citizens direct access to the legislative process. Then, in 1890, the Sherman Antitrust Act was set forth. This act was a federal law that prohibited monopolies. The Sherman Antitrust Act made any combination or trust in restraint of trade illegal. (Class notes, industrial reform evidence) There were many different types of social problems during this time period. A few examples would be women’s suffrage, alcohol, child labor, and safety issues. …show more content…

Many laws and regulations were utilized to help bring about citizens being involved in government decisions. For example, the direct primary allowed citizens to directly vote for government officials. Laws could also be passed with initiatives. Citizens who wanted a certain new law could set up petitions for people to sign. If enough people signed the petition the government would have to vote on whether or not the law would be passed. Voters could also decide whether or not an official could be removed from office with a recall. Referendum allowed citizens to spurn or approve new laws introduced by the government. (class notes, bottom part of

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