Social Problems In Homicide

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In this world, there are some social problems that happened within the society. Crime is undoubtedly one of the main and troubling factors in any society. Homicide is one of it. Homicide is a traditional offence that has been deemed punishable conduct since at least the 13th century (Mouzos, 2011). A homicide crime scene is considerable because of death by violence or unnatural causes. Like other crime too, homicide crime is solved by going through several processes. They are receiving report, planning the investigation, interviewing victims and witnesses, examining the crime scene, arresting and interviewing suspects and last but not least, completing the report.
Firstly, the complaint is reported to a responder. The first action taken by
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The condition of the victim is checked by the initial responding officer. Then, the police officer observes the surrounding area and notes any vehicles or persons leaving and entering the area. Apart from that, all people who present in the crime scene must be identified. All evidences obtained are documented (Howell, 1999).
The second step is planning the investigation. During this phase, a meeting is conducted by the police officers among themselves. For that reason, they discuss what information or evidence they have at the moment. Then, a timeline is created by the investigator in order to know the sequence events at the crime scene. As mentioned by Criminal Justice Compendium for Somaliland (2015), all of the materials obtained are sort according into victim and witness evidence statements. Thus, the investigator reads and analyses all the stuffs collected to confirm of what has been
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This is the final process in the investigation process. The investigator completes the report and present it to the prosecutor. Apart from that, the report is viewed subsequently by the prosecutor in order to check whether there is enough evidence to justify a suspect being charged with criminal offences. While viewing the report, the specific crimes are determined by the prosecutor in order to attach it on the suspect. The report must include all of the action taken and evidence collected at the crime scene. Then, the report and other documentation are compiled into a case file. U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs (2000) expresses the view that by doing so, this ensure that the report and other documentation pertaining to the crime scene investigation are compiled into a case file by the investigator in charge of the crime scene and allow for independent review of the work
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