Social Problems In Mending Wall By Robert Frost

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As stated in Mending Wall by Robert Frost, “good fences make good neighbors”. This poem discusses one of the social issues of the early 1900s, the separation of society. A social issue is as it sounds: A problem that affects society. Social issues have plagued society since the beginning of time, continuing up even today. While some social issues have been solved, others have not begun to be analyzed to find a solution. “‘I want to see our country united,’ Trump told network anchors at a luncheon Tuesday previewing the speech. ‘I want to bring our country back from a tremendous divisiveness,’ which he said dates back many years.” Divorce has always, and will continue to be a problem that faces people all over the world. The average rate of couples that get divorced in America is 40 percent, a number that continues to grow. Divorce has been around for centuries; and most the time, the children are caught in the middle. A child who goes through divorce goes through things that no human, no organism should go through. With a raising divorce rate, Psychologists have begun analyzing the negative effects of divorce on children, and what they discovered is upsetting. As a case in point, Children of Divorced Families more commonly suffer from negative psychological effects. Moreover, Robert Emery of states his findings, “Children 's conflict responses in both broken and intact families are discussed, and the author notes that since parental conflict does not

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