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Eateries around the world are making a difference Imagine eating that salad you ordered, knowing it will go beyond filling your tummy with nutritional goodness for the next few hours.

That’s what social food businesses are empowering people to do. With more countries adopting this positive trend, food and beverage joints that give back are starting to make an appearance all over the world.

These 5 cafes and restaurants are taking fund-raising matters into their own hands by running businesses that generate profit and channeling some, if not all that sweet-earned money into tackling social problems that are relevant to their communities.

1. Scotland: Social Bite

The media went wild when George Clooney dropped by their Edinburgh cafe
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The sandwich shop with 5 outlets in Scotland also started the Suspended Coffee and Food movement. It allows customers to ‘pay it forward’ by paying for any food and drink on their menu, which a homeless person can then drop by and claim later.

Social Bite is also tackling homelessness by employing homeless people to work at their cafes, giving them the support and opportunity they need to better their lives.

As a cause-driven instead of a profit-driven business, Social Bite’s menu is anything but bland. Their seasonal menu, which serves-up variety of sandwiches, soups and salads is crafted by a chef who’s no stranger to Michelin-starred restaurants.

The company hopes to set-up more outlets to build support for more causes and employ hundreds more homeless people.

2. Malaysia: Mango
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U.S.A.: Sweetgreen

Source: fastcoexist.comSweetgreen isn’t your typical salad bar. It’s been kicking-off a healthy-eating movement by educating people on making healthier food choices and making those choices readily available. The company focuses on serving inventive and healthy soups, salads and grain bowls using organic ingredients that’s sustainably sourced from local farmers.

What’s inspiring about Sweetgreen is that it hasn’t just made it quick and affordable to grab healthy meals on the go; it’s also driven by a set of socially-aligned values that’s aimed at making a difference in communities.

Sweetgreen in Schools educates school children on the benefits of healthy food and exercise. While the annual Sweetlife Festival, headlined by folks like Kendrick Lamar and Calvin Harris in 2015, creates a fun avenue for music lovers to come together and sample healthy eats from other local eateries, farmers and food trucks. Proceeds from the festival is pumped back into Sweetgreen in Schools.

5. Cambodia: Sugar n’ Spice Cafe

Source: travelandleisureasia.comSugar n’ Spice Cafe is operated by Daughters of Cambodia, a group that offers employment opportunities to victims of sex-trafficking and
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