Causes Of Homicide Crime

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In this world, there are some social problems that happened within the society. Crime is undoubtedly one of the main and troubling factors in any society. Homicide is one of it. Homicide is a traditional offence that has been deemed punishable conduct since at least the 13th century (Mouzos, 2011). A homicide crime scene is considerable because of death by violence or unnatural causes. Like other crime too, homicide crime is solved by going through several processes. They are receiving report, planning the investigation, interviewing victims and witnesses, examining the crime scene, arresting and interviewing suspects and last but not least, completing the report.
Firstly, the complaint is reported to a responder. The first action taken by
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During this phase, a meeting is conducted by the officers among themselves. For that reason, they discuss what information or evidence they have at the moment. Then, a timeline is created by the investigator in order to know the sequence events at the crime scene. All of the materials obtained are sort according into victim and witness evidence statements (Nyandiwa et al., 2015). Thus, the investigator reads and analyses all the stuffs collected to confirm of what has been achieved.
The third step in investigating homicide procedure is to interview victim and witness. This is the important process because the investigator search for evidence to validate and support evidence collected from other place such as the crime scene. First, the investigator asks for the information of the witness. Then, the relationship of the witness is established. The investigator jot down all the statements and finally compile it together with other witness’s statements. Prior to that, the document file is crucial and it is exists as a permanent record to create a chain of events (Holder et al.,
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During this process, the suspects are questioned and brought up to the custody by police officer for further investigation. Next, the Miranda rights are read to the suspect by the police officer (Howel, 1999). The police officer safely arrest the suspect if the suspect still in the crime scene. However, the police officer has to wait for incoming support if it is needed at certain state. Any words that come from the suspect are documented including the date, time, place, and state of affair by the arresting police officer. In any case, the questioning is stopped if the suspect solicits his or her Miranda rights. A key point of the above stages is that they are all aimed at gathering and using information that is relevant to the investigation (Goldsworthy,
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