Social Challenges Of Dyslexic Children

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SocialEffects of Dyslexia
While we tend to think of dyslexia as a reading disorder, it also has an effect on a child’s social and communication skills. Since it can interfere with being able to retrieve words quickly, dyslexia can hinder a child’s ability to interact with peers in a typical way and respond appropriately in social situations. Certainly a dyslexic person having difficulties in finding proper words in particular situation can have trouble with their expressive language. The dyslexic frequently has problems with social relationships also. These can be traced to causes:
• Dyslexic children may be physically and socially immature in comparison to their peers. This can lead to a
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Many students have been diagnosed whilst at school, and have benefited from good support. These students often have a clear understanding of their areas of weakness, and have developed strategies to manage these. Nevertheless, fatigue and frustration are common, together with a lack of confidence in their own ability.
Students whose difficulties have not been identified until later in life may experience more negative emotions such as panic, stress, anxiety and low self- esteem. This may be particularly true for mature students, some of whom will have had very negative experiences of education earlier in life.
Dyslexia can have a reflective effect on the dyslexic child’s educational experience and the child’s ability to master literacy skills.Whereas assessing the dyslexic child’s ability in relation to literacy is relatively achievable, it is difficult to assess the effects of dyslexia on the children without considering its emotional and social effects. It is not only the specific cognitive inefficiencies that make dyslexia a serious problem, but it is also and mainly the adverse reactions and feedback the afflicted children receive from their social surroundings because of their specific learning difficulties.
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The endeavor is to find the answer to the question ‘How dyslexic students can accommodated in general classroom effectively?’ ‘How to teach them, so they can be proved productive human resources in the society?’
The purpose of the study is to develop a remedial teaching package which assist the dyslexic students in overcoming their usual problems which they encounter in the path of reading and learning.Here in this study, the researcher wants to discuss some individualized technique after analyzing the challenges faced by them and hence enhance the reading attainment capacity of dyslexics. The problem under this investigation is entitled as “EDUCATIONAL (ACADEMIC), SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES FACED BY DYSLEXIC CHILDREN OF SIXTH GRADE: MULTIPLE CASE
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