Social Problems Of Juvenile Delinquency

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A child is born with purity and innocence. Nurturing child is a crucial in every child’s life and if given proper care and attention in right way after that child grows in constructive manner. Children show good performance when children’s surrounding environment is positive and supportive towards them. Child’s physical, psychological, moral and spiritual development builds them competent of become conscious to understand their capabilities. On the other side, detrimental environment, lack of basic needs, poor parenting supervision, other factors may turn a child to a delinquent i.e.a juvenile delinquent. In the India, juvenile delinquency is one of social problems affecting not only on children with conflict in law but it affects families,…show more content…
R. Sharma*, Sangeet Dhillon** & Sarmadi Bano noted that childhood incidents and experiences are significant in the development of criminality; on the other hand, it does not mean criminals expose their criminality early in life Causes of Juvenile delinquency required to understand from sociological theories of juvenile delinquency, these theories put prominence on the environment, social structures and the learning process. Yet, many factors that take part in vital part in a youngster’s delinquent behavior (B. R. Sharma*, Sangeet Dhillon** & Sarmadi Bano, 2009). The study by B. R Sharma, Sangeeth Dhillon and Sarmadi Bano (2009) they mentioned individual factors cause for Juvenile delinquency. Individual factors are personality traits like submissiveness, defiance, hostility, impulsiveness, feeling of insecurity, fear, lack of self-control and emotional conflicts whereas situational factors are family, companions, movies, school environment, work environment…show more content…
D describes that causes of juvenile delinquency are broken homes, lack of love, lack of parental affection, gang subculture, poverty, negative influence of movie and media, urbanization, adolescent instability, lack of recreation, negative environment, low-socio economic, poor parental violence, availability of weapons, association with deviant peers, parental substance use, peer pressure, television violence, parental anti social behaviour, poor academic performance, large family size, low educational attainment, drug or alcohol use of child, poor monitoring of children in school and criminal behaviour of siblings. (Haveripeth, P. D, 2013).One study shows that causes of Juvenile crime due to bad company, extra-pocket money, revenge factor, poor literacy rate, over exposure to media, lack of values, cheap literature, love of adventures, early sex experience and mental conflicts etc (Mousumi Dey, 2014). Juveniles are apprehended due to many reasons. Financial problem is not a single factor for juvenile delinquency, other factors increases the likelihood of juvenile delinquency. Children involve in crimes and soon after such children apprehended by police officers as per law in India. Police officers register cases against children who make offenses of using forged or counterfeit currency/bank notes, grievous hurt, acid attack, attempt to acid attack, assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty, sexual harassment, assault on

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