Social Problems Of Poverty

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A social problem is some aspect of society (an objective condition) that large numbers of people are concerned about and would liked changed (subjective concerns). Importantly, social problems are socially constructed; they are not natural events. The social problem that I am going to be talking about today is poverty. Before we get into the issue of poverty, we need to know what poverty really is. Poverty “typically is when a person or family experience a fundamental deprivation in well being (eSchooltoday)” or “the state of being extremely poor. (” There are types of poverty and within these types people live and think differently. The six main types of poverty are situational, generational, absolute, relative, urban, and…show more content…
Poverty also leads to crime. When people are very scarce on food, water, and shelter and can 't find a way of making money, the last thing they think they can go to is crime. People will do almost anything to survive or keep their families alive. People in poverty often have to steal food and money to survive. This is the least common because people in poverty are generally weak, and can’t escape to anywhere leading them ultimately to jail. One of the bigger issues are gangs. Gangs often offer protection, food, water, and shelter to people who will join them. Gangs are constantly searching for people to recruit, and people in poverty are a good target. Speaking of targets, a huge targeting system of the poor is used by Isis. Isis sees the weakness and uses that against us. For example, people in poverty might hear that Isis gives away a new opportunity if you fight for them, or insane amounts of money. They might also say that you will never be poor again. This is the easiest direction to go for people in poverty because Isis is making people in poverty seem like their getting a fresh start. This is why poverty is negative and should be stopped at a costs.
Finally poverty leads to pollution. Believe it or not when your homeless you don 't have a toilet which means gas stations or outside. In some cases it 's only outside. The main reason is that people without homes through trash and use the restroom in nearby lakes and rivers. It might not seem like much but if you add up the millions of people in poverty throwing things away in lakes it adds up very quickly. The plastic kills fish and plants and is also very unhealthy for swimmers and other animals that drink
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