Working Class In 1900

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The working class in 1900.
The people of the working class had hard working conditions and poor living conditions. They had no time for leisure because they had to work long hours simply to survive. They did not possess the funds to engage in leisure activities such as attending the theatre or playing sport. As a result, a number of social problems were associated with the working class. It has been suggested that the working class often involved themselves with crime, prostitution and drunkenness. Gambling was also popular amongst low-income earners, as it seemingly provided them with the opportunity to win a large amount of money in a very short time and required very little effort. They were known to spend much of their income on illegal
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Some ‘lived in’ and were well treated. A few female servants were taken advantaged of and seduced by their employers. If they fell pregnant it was common to sack and thrown them out on the streets with no support.
Social entertainments were limited. Books and newspapers, music; piano, gramophone, singalongs, card games, live theatre productions, musical recitals, Vaudeville shows, circus, dancing and balls with the opportunities to meet the opposite sex. Alcohol consumption and gambling; e.g. horse racing thrived.
Back to the story
Train station in Grenfell. They get off.
Is he supposed to meet us at the station the old man? Do you expect him to meet us? The letter was written months ago. Where the hell are we going to find him?
If he’s not here, he must be in town, at the Railway hotel?
If we don’t we’ll have to get the Homestead somehow? Hey man do you know the way to the Railway Hotel?
The old men Just straight ahead. (What these two Yankees are doing in town?)
Inside the pub.
An old man sat at a table in the corner alone. It is Bill
So! We better start by …this pub.

Two whiskeys. Barkeep.
The barman
Don’t have that around here. Beer or grog?
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