Adolf Hitler's Social Psychological Approach

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Section 2: Social psychological Approach

With Adolf Hitler being raised in a difficult home life, the biological aspects of Hitler’s life have been almost forgotten to the general public when categorizing Hitler as a “crazy man”, neglecting the fact that Hitler seemed to have had extreme complications when interacting with humans around him. When being analyzed by different psychologists, Hitler has been described as having suffered from a “multitude of severe psychological disorders including paranoid schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder” (Hyland). The disorders have been found in generalized observations of the decisions Hitler made, and his interaction with outside influences.

Approach on Hitler:
Throughout Hitler’s childhood, as discussed earlier, his abusive father influenced Hitler. Hitler had always
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Without the outside influences on Hitler, he might have never become who he turned out to have been. The psychological aspect of the impact of the environment on humans and their behavior plays a much large role than most believe. Hitler was incapable of interacting properly with others, and completely shut himself off when it came to the success of the Reich. He, along as other cases that show the same symptoms of negligence to others opinions, are the reason why there are many misunderstandings in situations that have no reason to be misunderstood. Hitler always strived to be the best, and wanted the same for those that he cared for. The devastation that hit him, when his own country disappointed him, was what drove him into the abyss of tyranny. This obsession with success was, what many psychologists found as obsessive compulsive, and Hitler as an individual, to this day, is not the only case of this acting out into
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