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My name is Nursyakira Farhani Binti Jumaat. I am from Faculty Economic and Business. I am corporate management student year 2 intake 2013/2014. I am from Johor Bahru and the first children of three siblings in family. I am tacking social psychology for elective this semester. What I understand about social psychology is study how our behaviours, thoughts or feelings being influenced by others. I also learn about why people make a judgement or attribution, factor that shape our behaviour, why people lies, how attitudes influence behaviour and many more. Social psychology can be related in our daily life and surrounding. Furthermore social psychology also about social influences, social perception and social interaction. Nature of every human being is so unpredictable and diverse, so it make me interesting to know more about social psychology.…show more content…
I was Johor Matriculation College student. Actually I got an offer to entered diploma but I choose matriculation. Most of my friends said to me that life as a matriculation student is challenging and difficult. They afraid that they cannot follow learning style in matriculation. But my parent say if we don 't try then we don 't know so I choose to go there. My friends show negativity bias when they said that life as a matriculation student is challenging and difficult even before they try to study there. Negativity bias or negativity effect is the tendency to pay extra attention to negative information. The matriculation was great, the people are amazing and the atmosphere and facilities was excellent. I was a PDT science student which were two years science program. This program is for student that needs extra attention in science subjects. I am took five subject which was physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer

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