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Pro social behavior Introduction Human beings are essentially social beings, and everyone in the society is affected by each and every actions, thoughts and feelings that we make. Also we are influenced by the behavior of others. In the society we see different types of behavior and different types of people. So social psychology is something that tries to understand the human social behavior. Really social psychology helps the people to moderate and develop a good behavior; not only as a social being but also as an individual. The society has an important role in the developmental process of an individual. The social psychologist Gorden Allport defines the social psychology as an attempt to…show more content…
So in pro social behavior and helping we deal with some questions such as why do we help? , what is anti-social behavior? And some terms like altruism, cooperation, bystander help, and impact of receiving help etc. Pro social behavior is an important contributor to a well-functioning society, whether it is provided through direct help to individuals, through charity work, or through helping to save the atmosphere. However there are number of factors that determine who is helped and when help is given, and, just as importantly, when help is not approaching and these things are done in this…show more content…
It can be such as helping, sharing, donating, cooperating and volunteering. It is from our inner motivation that we receive the call to help others. We help someone not by the compulsion of others; so it can also be called as ‘voluntary behavior’ indented to benefit another. It morally refers to one’s benefits about right and wrong and involves honesty, fairness and responsibility. If we take an example of a chilled the chilled internalize this pro social and moral behavior by observing others mainly their parents, elders, relatives and neighbors. “The most frequently researched area of pro social behavior in social psychological work is helping behavior. Helping is defined as a deliberate act indented to be of benefit to another person. So, for example, in the super market you may notice an older lady who appears to be distressed and having trouble breathing. You go over to her, and ask if can get someone to help, or find her a place to sit and rest. Is your intension is to be helpful, then the behavior is a helping behavior”

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