Social Psychology Reflection

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Writing this reflective essay about Social Psychology course has made me realize that I have a lot to learn about this science but at the same time this course gave me insight into this science and helped me understand how we affect ourselves and society in terms of our behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, feelings, and thoughts. While studying the Social Psychology course during the classes and analyzing Exploring Social Psychology book, two modules and concepts grabbed my attention most. Self-Serving Bias (module 4) and Behavior and Belief (module 9) are the most remembered concepts for me which helped me improve my knowledge and skills regarding to these concepts. So, I am going to explain main features of these two concepts and discuss my…show more content…
This great concept reflects that while we are attributing success to our internal characteristics, we are blaming others for any negative events and assigning failures to outside factors. Self-Serving Bias module describes that we do not always clarify things objectively, while we are making judgements about other people and events. Also, self-serving bias as a part of cognitive biases, gives an opportunity for people to protect their self-esteem which means that by attributing positive things to themselves, people improve their confidence and by blaming others for negative events, people avoid personal responsibility. In my opinion, it is not surprise that almost everyone in the world have faced such situations since self-serving bias works in every aspect of life. I also have faced such situations in which I assigned success to my own skills and blamed others for negative events. For instance, during my education life in the school, I got high grades lessons in most cases and attributed it to my great skills. However, when I got bad grades I started to blame teachers that they had bad cratering criteria or did not evaluate me fairly. After studying the Social Psychology course and knowing it is analyzed by Psychology science, I realized that it is not appropriate excuse for negative event to blame others in order avoid your own responsibility. Moreover, when I play PlayStation games especially football game with my friends I always attribute my achievements to my special abilities, and it make me boost my confidence unnecessarily. On the other hand, when I lose I start to say that PlayStation joystick (controller) is broken or not working. I thought that other people also acts like this when they lose PlayStation game. However, after studying False Consensus effect in Self-Serving Bias module, I perceived that all people
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