Social Realism Film Analysis

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The concept of Social realism as a film genre is to portray the ‘real life’ of a working-class society. Social realism films depict the social, political and economic injustices’ that influence and impact people in society (Taylor, 2006). It is raw and gives the audience a true indication of what life is like (Lay, 2002). Social realism first came about during an economic downfall in the 1920s. It was an art movement that social realists started, to represent the working class. The word social refers to society and the word realism refers to accepting a situation and dealing with it accordingly. Social realism seeks to identify current issues that happen to ordinary people in society. Social realism films…show more content…
When the characters are faced with these social problems it is here that empowerment versus dependency comes into play. Within a social realist film, the characters can either be empowered by their currently social or financial situation or they can become dependent. When a character becomes empowered they become the agent of change, they will want to create this change to do better for themselves and their current living situation. Nonetheless when a character becomes dependent they will lack the motivation to change, they will happily live off a welfare system getting little money if they are managing to get by.

The flaws of human nature are depicted in social realism films. We see the flaws of the people working in the welfare office and how they have no compassion for anyone looking to seek help or assistance financially. Life on the welfare system is shown in its truest form, how it can be both powerful and cruel. I, Daniel Blake is a film directed by Ken Loach that portrays the genre of social realism. It is a story about a newly unemployed man seeking disability benefits as he is unable to work due to a heart condition and a young single mother who is seeking welfare’s help to clothe her kids. This film shows citizens suffering due to the social welfare system and the things they must resort to, as a means of survival in

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