Social Realism In Arthur Miller's Play

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Social realism as a literary technique and an art that is used by so many writers and artists to present individual and social issues in a realistic way. Realism is a word originated from English which means “factual”, “actual” or true. A way of seeing, accepting and dealing with situations as they really are without having an effect by your emotions or false hopes and a style in art or literature that shows things and people as they appear in their real life, how they indulge in their societies and they find solutions for their social problems from the experiences they passed through as well as the experiences of others. The question ‘what is realism?’ has been passing from one generation to another generation without finding proper solution. The concept has changed from time to time becoming complex. Some opine that the words’ truth’ and ‘nature’ are similar. In this process of analyzing the life of a man, different types of ‘Realism’ come in to existence. Greek dramas are analysed with ‘cosmic realism’, which judges the man’s situation beyond the physical powers of the world. Arthur Miller richly expresses the themes of social realism in his plays.…show more content…
Joe Keller commits suicide, and thus punishes himself for his attitude of neglect towards a larger responsibility towards the society, and his excessive attention to the smaller responsibility towards his family. Familial relationships, especially father son relationships, form another important theme in All My Sons, as they do in Death of a Salesman. Joe Keller has worked hard throughout his life to earn money for the well-being of his family, including his sons. The exposure of criminals like Joe Keller, and of the ills of the social and economic system in which they are allowed to flourish, has been attempted by Miller in All My
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