Social Realism In Film

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Social realism is a movement that includes realistically interpreting the simple everyday life of common middle-class people and also the effect of the current political events. Social Realism developed as a reaction against idealism and focused on the ugly realities of contemporary life and sympathized with working class people, particularly the poor. The social realism writers have always narrated what they saw in real life in a dispassionate manner. Realism has chiefly concerned with the commonplace of everyday life among the middle class and lower middle classes, where character is a keeping in mind the social factors. Realism is a style of writing in Literature that gives impression of recording…show more content…
One of the current leading directors of present time, Danny Boyle, has been successful in weaving his imagination into a narrative film, without losing the central message or plot that is ‘realism’ or harsh reflection of life’s hardships. Social realism has different definition across different cultures and has emerged as a strong part of the British cinema.

This world around us is full of complexity, where we get distracted very easily or possibly more than being alone or introspecting, so it is difficult to find truths or ‘get to the bone’ of every single aspect of life. Of course, entertainment has its welcome place, but maybe we should give a few moments to consider what we can still learn from this movement. Few points of learning from social realism are given below:

The power of the ordinary – Observe the ordinary, it posses the clues and messages that form the foundations or truths behind how we perceive things and how we evolve our own form of original thinking and
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Social realism can offer a perspective, or ‘piece of the puzzle’ to attain a deeper comprehension.

Know your place and role in things - Where do we fit in the scheme of things around us? Social realists may encourage a healthful level of introspection.

Understand values and patterns of identification - Culture has many codes and identities, often very difficult to decipher and made additional complex by the proliferation of types of media. Social realism has historically been a good decoder or barometer of a complex situation.

The differences between everyday life, brands and media - Many people may not make a distinction or care to see the differences between what is real, imaginary or myth. Social realists are firmly in the camp of disassembling these elements.

See your culture for what it is - Not all is holy about our cultures, social realists have always been good at calling out and describing our deficiencies, hypocrisies and areas for improvement, as uncomfortable as these
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