Social Realism In Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens

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Justin Seo Ms. Roy British Literature 31 March 2016
Rough Draft of research paper
Charles Dickens an author of the famous novel Oliver Twist and one of the greatest representatives of English critical realism, was born in 1812. During that era, England was involved in the turbulent happenings on the continent of Europe. Consequently, this led to the advent of an injustice society and many unethical governments. Charles Dickens was not pleased with the situation and criticized the social reality with his pen.
1. Introduction
Oliver Twist, the second novel of Charles dickens and one of his favorite novels is set in Victorian age and reflects the awful life of residents at the bottom of the society in England reveals a dark immoral society which had the standard of making money illegitimately. At the beginning, the paper profoundly analyses the social background of the Victorian Age and discloses the social reality. Then through exploring some characters in this novel; one is Fagin who is a sly person and ruins the guiltless by cheating and another is Oliver Twist who is innocent, virtuous, naïve and fearless orphan boy and Dickens’ writing techniques, the paper will demonstrates critical realism represented in this masterpiece.
2. Social background
2.1 Reality of England society in

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