Social Reform In Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward

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Imagine living in a place where everyone is equal. Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy narrates a story about a man, Julian West, who lives in Boston during the 19th century where there is hardship, labor unrest, and a large gap between the rich and the poor. During the 19th century “many of the wealthiest Americans consciously pursued an aristocratic lifestyle, building palatial homes, attending exclusive social clubs, schools, and colleges, and focused on spending money not on the needed or even desired goods, but simply to demonstrate the possession of wealth” (Foner, 602). Julian West who is engaged to Edith Bartlett, an aristocrat, they were waiting to get married when their new house was finished, however; Julian West had serious insomnia…show more content…
His futuristic ideal society would have solved many faults of 19th century. Bellamy’s idea of an ideal society is more socialistic than capitalistic. I believe that Bellamy’s vision of the future was popular because the majority of the population viewed it as something different. A new system that would’ve been more equal and fair. The increase in industrial production exponential increased America’s wealth and power, however; it also experienced a large class division where the rich were very rich and the poor were very poor (Foner, 593-594). This was mainly due to the capitalistic government where the economy was based on private owned industries. Bellamy’s idea of a more socialistic economy was favored more by the lower-class as it would have allowed the government to better allocate wealth which may close the gap between the upper-class and lower-class citizens. In Bellamy’s novel Dr. Leete, explains that everyone gets the same opportunity, same wages, and same education. The government distributes everything so that the citizens all get equal chances. The only difference between citizens is what he or she chooses to do with their resources (Bellamy). Everything is available for them to use, buy, and experience. Being able to have option I think made a big difference in peoples vision, during the 19th century. The lower class didn’t
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