Social Relationships In Society

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Love is our basic and fundamental needs. It can bring hope and happiness when we feel loved and fulfill our safety needs as we may be protected by somebody. Also, people want to be falling in love as they want to show that they are already matured to develop a family. Or some of them may want to show off in front of peers. However, after the course, I can apply the theories to explain the social phenomenon of love that happened in society on this topic.

At the beginning, I think many people have heard a news that about a girl slapped her boyfriend for 14 times because of love affairs. She felt she was not being respected and the boy did not care about their relationship (Staff Reporter, 2013). For the girl, she might think that her boyfriend
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For those authoritarian parents, they tend to set higher goals for the child and control with threats of punishment (ESPLIN, 2013). Furthermore, the parents tend to withdraw the love for inappropriate behavior. The child may not be able to feel the love of parents and they tend to less sympathetic. For these types of child, since they may not have a secure attachment relationship at home and cannot get love from parents, the children tend to get the love from a boyfriend or peers. Therefore, this can explain why some people will spend all the time on partners or love to please the others. It is because they hope to get love from the others. Apart from parenting styles, media may be another factor to affect the value of children that extracted from lecture note. TV viewing also associated with the problems with peer difficulty or intimate relationship. Since the media may convey some wrong messages. For instance, some dramas may instill the messages that people need to solve problems with violence. If the children watch the dramas without appropriate guidance, they may formulate some wrong concepts on intimate
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