Interracial Dating In The Secret Life Of Bees

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In The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Mon Kidd, the story mentions about the relationship between Lily and a colored boy named Zach is very exceptional. Back in their time, most white people would not think about dating or being with someone who was black. It was like a rule because of segregation in the U.S. However, Lily and Zach are attracted to each other, although they are different races. When Lily meets Zach, she is surprised that she falls in love with him, because she is always use to thinking that black people are not attractive. She says “if he was shocked over me being white, I was shocked over him being handsome” (Kidd 116). Lily, in turn, supports Zach on the way to become a lawyer, even though it would be a difficult time for black…show more content…
Interracial marriages can bring a relationship between a Black and an Asian, a White and a Korean, or a Hispanic and an Asian that are becoming more popular from the past. According to Interracial Intimacies, the Author states that “during the 1960 many white and black activities who joined together to fight social justice also had sex with one another. Some fell in love” (Kennedy 100). Back in the 1960s, the issue in the south was not about interracial dating, it was black and white. Most people in the South didn’t have a problem between a white person and an Asian person or white person and a Hispanic person. There had problem between a white person and black person because of the distinction of skin color. However, many people formed loving relationship across racial lines between blacks and whites. In addition, if two people were in love with together, the issue was not color of the skin, but the issues were feeling in their hearts, no matter what race, religion of each other was. For instance, the University Blues points out that “an important step when dating someone, especially in a biracial or interracial relationship is to talk about each other’s values and beliefs” (Asefa). As loving someone as different racist, people learn more about the similarities and differences in other culture or
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