Social Responsibility: An Analysis

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Social responsibility is defined as a honest and right explanation of why something works or happens the way it does, dealing with person’s duty and action that affects the community of people and all good people in the world. However, this topic falls into one part of a group that includes civic responsibility. These actions that are involving democratic legal control, the well-being of the community and personal relations, duties to provide for the community, and as well as social responsibility.When the balance between the three is created, a socially responsible American is believed to be produced. To maintain the balance, one must show moral and ethical qualities. These qualities are displayed in many ways including: social interaction,…show more content…
Roselyn Polk, in her article “Social Responsibility”, defines social responsibility as “multidimensional in that being responsible goes beyond just being respectful of others; it means experiencing, as well as appreciating our interdependence and connectedness with others and our environment.” This shows that social responsibility is more than we perceive it to be. We are all dependent on one another, and how seriously we take our roles as companionable beings affects not only one’s own personal needs, but the needs of the community. Polk then goes on state, “To ensure successful navigation of their social settings and to build a foundation for the successful transition from adolescence into adulthood, an adolescent must begin early in the developmental process to gain feelings of competency regarding their individual actions and social interactions.” In other words, maturing and becoming a socially responsible person begins early in one’s life. Parents must teach their children how to accept responsibility, and take care of them, from an early age, which is apart of the social responsibility of the parent. Parental knowledge of social responsibility is a result of the equilibrium maintained within their surroundings, and therefore creates a…show more content…
Understanding differences, yet taking action when rights and beliefs are infringed upon is imperative to the production of a well-rounded and moral society. Furthermore, protesting immoral acts in a civil manner is commended and leads to a hopeful community full of diversity and communication. Jennifer Self writes in an article titled “Civic Responsibility”, “actions of civil responsibility can be displayed in advocacy for various causes, such as political, economic, civil, environmental, or quality of life issues.” Civic responsibility is not limited to any one specific category, but to all issues across the board involving almost every topic that will affect every individual at some point. Engaging in activities concerning the well-being of individuals not only informs citizens of outside beliefs, but may even support deeper understanding within individuals who have not been exposed to explicit, raw opinions from subjects not regarding

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