Social Responsibility In Omantel

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Omantel Omantel is an Omani communication and this company is majority owned by Qtel group. Omantel is the fourth largest company and it is the first privately company in sultanate. Omantel was established in 2005. Omani market revenue is 196.9 million in 2011 and the strength of the employees are above 1000. Omantel has paying devotion on investment project in the Sultanates. It has worried up a trick for the next phase as measurement of a set of strategy in arrange to spread its income mix and increase extra knowledge in dealing with company in the all over the markets. Omantel announce the attainment of a majority stake of shares of the other Telecom Corporation. By asset of this attainment deal, Omantel has purchase some shares. This contract…show more content…
Corporate social responsibility is the constant commitment by organization to act ethically and add to economic growth and also enhance the quality of life of the employees as well as their families and also of the community and the public at large. Commonwealth Secretariat (2006), Company’s social responsibility is to maximize its positive force and to minimize its negative force. The ethical responsibilities adopted by GORC have been proven beneficial which is reflected by high productivity ratio and low employee turnover. Employees should operate under the practice which promotes Customer Relationship and Customer Social Responsibility. Viable these mentioned factors, employees should create/produce such products which will capture and retain the perception of GORC in customers mind. This perception will give a boost to overall sales and profit calculation which will portray a final Image of building a concrete customer brand loyalty relationship, which may in future increase the sales and profits to an exponential level. Thus the responsibilities practiced are key elements of creating and retaining customer strength. Company gives more benefits or packages to the employees because the company wants to stay employees and their employees can’t go to the other company. They give bonuses, low burden of work and high salary. Cuban, L. (2010), Company provides a safe work place, all information about the company, and treating employees fairly. So employees are satisfied and doing work with honesty and fairness. They can’t go to the other organization. Employees turnover is low and company can produce more products and do more work because existing employees are present they do good work. Productivity is high and employee turnover is low. More work or low turnover is beneficial for GORC. Company attracts more people wants to work in our organization. They motivate our employees and employees throw the information about job experience to other people. Employees told
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