Social Rights Essay: The Importance Of Human Rights

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As we all know, as a human being, each of us entitled to certain fundamental rights. The rights that allow people to do what they want to do and to be what they want to be. It also protects us human against those people who might want to harm or hurt us. The rules and the rights are to help human being to live in peace and harmony. But, by not knowing your rights and taking it for granted, it leads to slavery, discrimination, abuses, injustice and oppression. Young people are vulnerable as they always become the focus of attention of social and political situation. Adults need to take control and prepare these rising generations to survive with the uncertain future.
The guest speaker’s main focus in the class was to highlight the importance
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This can be explained that human rights are the knowledge that clearly states that we are all human beings and there is no race, gender or religion are greater than other race, gender and religion. Therefore, this lecture on human rights allow us to also respect and understand tolerance and difference which allow us to improve our relationships with people around us and empower us to challenge prejudgment in life. In addition, by learning human rights we believe that it is essential to imprint in youths to become an individual with a more positive and open-minded…show more content…
It creates us to be human, to have the heart of a good human identity and without human dignity, those human rights and regulations has no meaning. We personally think that the generation nowadays has low self-respect for themselves as well as to other people. We can see a lot of videos caught on camera where it showed how children being abused, the youngsters misused drugs and cannabis, women being raped, lower class people being oppressed by higher class people, high suicidal and criminal rates and so on. All of these showed that people doesn’t really know to appreciate their own selves and make their self-dignity worth it. People have lost their common sense and not grounded with certain essential values that lead to a better living. The system is so corrupted and it ruined the whole

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